I Read
(after On Kawara)

Ink and Newspaper Clippings on Notebook Paper (housed in a 3-Ring Binder,) 8.5 x 11" (each page), 2015

Kawara's I Read series is linked to his date paintings: for every day that he made a painting, he would compile a selection of clippings from the following day's newspaper (as the news reported in that day's paper would have occurred on the day the painting was made). Each article is annotated with a red pen, and a quote from one of the articles usually becomes the subtitle for that day's painting. The code at upper left also relates to the painting: the first number is the painting's number in sequence for the year, the letter gives the size of the painting (Kawara made his paintings in eight standard sizes), and the number in parentheses is the paintings's number in sequence for the month. Thus the code "27 C (8)" for the painting made on April 23, 2015 (below left) indicates that the painting is size C (13 x 17") and was the 27th date painting I made in 2015 and the 8th painting I made that April.

I did not make I Read works for my earliest date paintings (although their storage boxes are lined with newspaper clippings) but began during my Echoes project in 2015. The complete set of I Read works from Echoes can be viewed here.


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