Smoke Filtration Systems

aka Bongs

Untitled (Grey)

The Smoke Filtration Systems are a series of sculptures tha are also working marijuana water pipes. The mechanics of each pipe are thoroughly tested, but the actual sculptures are presented in clean, unused condition.

Untitled (Red)

Because of their functional nature, they inhabit a space between fine art and design, between sculpture and drug paraphernalia.

Untitled (Blue and Light Blue)

The inspiration for these pieces came from a wide variety of sources. Besides the obvious referent of the head shop, I was looking at Minimalist sculptors Donald Judd and Dan Flavin, custom car "hot rod" culture, 60's design, science fiction, pre-fab furniture, medieval architecture, cheesy 70's "plastic art", and "popular" artists like M.C. Escher and Victor Vasereley.

Untitled (Blue) 

The newer bongs are getting more complicated and include features like air compressors, water pumps, and built-in lighters.

Untitled (Purple)

I have exhibited these pieces at several venues in New York City including soma nyc, White Columns, Cynthia Broan Gallery, and CRP. They have also been reviewed in a few art & culture magazines. Click here to read the articles.

Untitled (Red and Yellow)

For more information about any of the sculptures, click on the photo.

Owner's Manual

I have created a series of "Owner's Manuals" for the bongs. These are limited-edition artist's books that have lots of info and scale drawings of the bongs. Click on the image at left for more pages from the manuals and other information.


I have also made an edition of color prints of all six bongs in the series. Click on the image at the left to see pictures of all the prints.

If you are interested in purchasing either a print or an Owners Manual, please